Kobayashi & Buemi Dominate Bahrain Practice

Kamui Kobayashi and Sebastien Buemi emerged as the top performers in their respective Toyota GR010 HYBRID Le Mans Hypercars during the first practice session for the Bahrain 8 Hours race. The session, however, experienced a significant delay due to high winds and some track maintenance activities.

Unexpected Stoppage

The practice session was halted for 45 minutes following an unexpected incident. A loose advertising hoarding got blown onto the track due to strong winds, leading to a red flag situation. Safety officials promptly reacted and attended to banners at other locations around the Bahrain International Circuit to avoid any further disruptions.

Kobayashi Takes the Lead

After the resumption of the practice session, Kamui Kobayashi showcased remarkable performance in his Toyota GR010 HYBRID Le Mans Hypercar. Despite the delay, Kobayashi managed to secure the top position on the timesheets, setting an impressive lap time.

Buemi Follows Closely

Sebastien Buemi, another skilled driver from the Toyota GR010 HYBRID team, closely followed Kobayashi’s lead. Buemi showcased his exceptional driving skills by securing the second spot on the timesheets.

Challenging Conditions

The high winds posed a challenge for the drivers during the practice session. Maintaining control of the Le Mans Hypercars became more difficult, requiring utmost focus and skill. However, the experienced drivers managed to navigate through the demanding conditions with precision and finesse.

Looking Ahead

The surprising results from the first practice session have set the stage for an exciting Bahrain 8 Hours race. With Kobayashi and Buemi demonstrating their capabilities early on, expectations are high for an intense battle between them and other top contenders.

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