Marc Marquez’s Move to Ducati: A New Chapter

Marc Marquez Opens Up on His Ducati MotoGP Switch

The eight-time world champion, Marc Marquez, recently announced his departure from Honda with a year still left on his contract. This news came after the Japanese GP, where Marquez had hinted at the possibility of leaving. Soon after the announcement, Gresini confirmed Marquez’s appointment for the 2024 season during the Indonesian GP.

In an exclusive interview with, Marquez expresses his emotions about parting ways with Honda and delves into what he hopes to achieve with his move to Ducati.

Living the Last Few Days

When asked about his state of mind in relation to the recent developments, Marquez admitted that it was a mixed bag of emotions. Leaving behind a team he has been associated with for so long was undoubtedly a difficult choice.

Marquez said, “These last few days have certainly been emotionally challenging. Honda has been an integral part of my career, and making the decision to leave was not easy. However, I believe that change is necessary for personal growth and new challenges.”

Hopes and Aspirations

Marquez further explained that one of the main reasons for his move to Ducati was to experience something different. He spoke about his desire to explore new opportunities and push himself beyond his current boundaries.

He said, “Ducati has always been a formidable competitor, and I’m excited to join their team. I hope to bring my skills and expertise to contribute to their success while also improving myself as a rider.”

The Road Ahead

Looking ahead to the future, Marquez expressed his eagerness to start working with Ducati and make the most of this new chapter in his racing career. He acknowledged that it would take time to adjust to a new team and bike but remained confident in his abilities.

Marquez concluded, “I’m aware that there will be challenges along the way, but I am up for it. My focus is on giving my best and continuing to strive for excellence. I believe that with determination and hard work, we can achieve great things together.”

As Marquez embarks on this new journey with Ducati, his fans eagerly anticipate seeing him in action in the forthcoming seasons. Only time will tell how successful this switch proves to be for the talented MotoGP racer.

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