Mercedes F1 Cars Encounter Floor Issues

Mercedes F1 Cars Encounter Floor Issues at Brazilian GP

Mercedes F1 Cars Encounter Floor Issues at Brazilian GP

Lewis Hamilton had a challenging race at the Brazilian Grand Prix, with his Mercedes team facing issues with their car’s floor. Despite a strong start that saw Hamilton briefly running in third place after jumping the Aston Martins of Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso, he struggled to maintain his position. Throughout the race, Hamilton expressed frustration, stating that even with his DRS open, he couldn’t effectively challenge the car ahead.

Hamilton eventually finished in eighth place, a disappointing result for the seven-time world champion. His teammate George Russell encountered an even worse fate, retiring from the race due to a cooling issue.

The Mercedes team suspects that the problem lies with the floor of their cars. Hamilton voiced his speculation, saying, “My guess is that the floor is not working.”

The Brazilian Grand Prix proved to be a difficult event for Mercedes, who are known for their dominance in Formula 1. The team will undoubtedly be focused on investigating and resolving the issues with their cars before the next race.

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