Michelin’s Alternate Tyre Helps Quartararo Enjoy Riding Again

Michelin’s Alternate Tyre Helps Quartararo to Enjoy Riding Again

To cope with the heat demands of the Buriram track, Michelin’s rear tyres feature a carcass that is slightly harder than normal. This specific tyre is always brought to Thailand and Austria due to the warm weather conditions. However, it was also used in India and Indonesia, where Fabio Quartararo performed exceptionally well and finished third in both grands prix.

Quartararo, who is currently participating in the Thailand MotoGP, has showcased his skills on the alternate tyre during Friday’s practice sessions. He delivered an impressive performance, securing direct passage into Q2 for Saturday’s qualifying.

This alternate tyre by Michelin has helped Quartararo to regain his enjoyment while riding. The unique composition and properties of this tyre allow him to handle the challenging conditions of the Buriram track with confidence and control. The slightly harder carcass provides enhanced stability and durability, ensuring optimal performance throughout the race.

Michelin’s strategic decision to bring this alternate tyre to various locations, including Thailand, has proven to be successful for Quartararo. With his consistent top-three finishes in India and Indonesia, it is clear that the choice of tyre plays a significant role in his competitiveness.

As Quartararo continues his journey in the Thailand MotoGP, his performance on the alternate tyre will undoubtedly be closely watched. Racing enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing his dynamic riding style, skillful maneuvers, and fierce determination on the track.

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