Mostert Commits to WAU for Fifth Year

Chaz Mostert is set to continue his Supercars journey with Walkinshaw Andretti United (WAU) in the upcoming season. The Australian driver will enter his fifth year with the team, piloting the #25 Mobil 1 Optus Ford Mustang. Mostert’s impressive record includes eight wins in his 116 starts, with his crowning achievement being his victory at the 2021 Bathurst 1000, where he teamed up with Lee Holdsworth.

With a strong connection to the team and a successful partnership under his belt, it was an easy decision for Mostert to extend his contract with WAU. The driver’s dedication and performance have solidified his place within the team, and he looks forward to another season of fierce competition.

Throughout his tenure with WAU, Mostert has proved himself to be a formidable contender on the race track. His triumphs at Bathurst and his overall contribution to the team have earned him respect among his peers and fans alike.

A Winning Partnership

The victory at Bathurst 1000 was undoubtedly a career highlight for Mostert. Teaming up with co-driver Lee Holdsworth, they showcased their skills and determination, ultimately claiming the prestigious title. This achievement further cemented Mostert’s position as an elite driver in the Supercars championship.

Reflecting on his success, Mostert expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to race alongside Holdsworth and credited their strong partnership for the win. Their collaboration, combined with the unwavering support from the WAU team, propelled them to the top of the podium.

Commitment and Loyalty

Mostert’s decision to remain with WAU for another season is a testament to his commitment and loyalty to the team. The close-knit environment and shared goals have cultivated a sense of camaraderie within WAU, making it feel like a second family for the driver.

In addition to the familial bond, Mostert acknowledges the role played by the team’s resources and expertise in his success. WAU has provided him with the necessary tools and support to perform at his best, allowing him to reach new heights in his racing career.

Looking ahead, Mostert and WAU are determined to build upon their achievements and secure more victories in the upcoming season. The combination of Mostert’s driving prowess and the team’s relentless determination makes them a formidable force on the Supercars circuit.

The signing of the contract extension between Mostert and WAU signifies a continued partnership focused on success and shared aspirations. With their sights set on future triumphs, they aim to further solidify their position as frontrunners in the Supercars championship.

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