MotoGP Team RNF Racing Forced to Leave Grid

On Monday, MotoGP’s commercial rights holder, Dorna Sports, made an announcement regarding the future of RNF Racing. The team will not be allowed to continue on the grid for the upcoming 2022 season. Dorna Sports justified this decision by citing “repeated infractions and breaches of the Participation Agreement affecting the public image of MotoGP.”

Rumors surrounding RNF Racing’s situation began circulating during the Valencia Grand Prix weekend. However, the official statement from Dorna Sports now confirms their departure.

Reasons for the Decision

Dorna Sports didn’t provide specific details about the “repeated infractions and breaches” committed by RNF Racing. Nevertheless, it is clear that these violations have been significant enough to impact the public perception of MotoGP. This forced Dorna Sports to take action and prevent further damage to the championship’s image.

RNF Racing in MotoGP

RNF Racing has been a part of the MotoGP grid for several years, competing with their distinctive livery and talented riders. While they have had their fair share of successes on the track, their off-track conduct seems to have undermined their long-term involvement in the championship.

The departure of RNF Racing will undoubtedly leave a void on the grid for the 2022 season. Fans, sponsors, and competitors will have to adjust to their absence and look forward to the new teams that will fill the gap.

Future Prospects

Although RNF Racing will no longer be able to participate in MotoGP, there is always the possibility of a comeback in the future. If the team addresses the issues that led to their expulsion and demonstrates a commitment to upholding the values of the championship, they may earn another opportunity to compete.

In the meantime, MotoGP continues to evolve and grow, with new teams and riders joining the grid each year. The sport remains as thrilling and captivating as ever, offering fans countless exciting moments on race weekends.

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