Neuville Takes Lead in Thrilling Race

Hyundai driver Thierry Neuville emerged as the frontrunner after a thrilling Saturday of racing, gaining a considerable lead over his competitor Kalle Rovanpera. Starting the day trailing Rovanpera by 36.4 seconds, Neuville managed to close the gap to just 10.9 seconds by the end of the day.

Strong Morning Performance

Neuville showcased his driving prowess with two stage wins in the morning session. This outstanding performance set the tone for the rest of the day, leaving Rovanpera on edge.

A Crucial Mistake

In a crucial turning point of the race, Rovanpera overshot a hairpin, costing him valuable time. This error allowed Neuville to further capitalize on his advantage and reduce the deficit to a mere 10.9 seconds.

Neuville Takes the Lead

Rovanpera’s switch to cruise mode after his main title rival, Elfyn Evans, encountered some issues played right into Neuville’s hands. Capitalizing on this strategic move, the Belgian driver took over the lead.

With the race nearing its conclusion, all eyes are now on Rovanpera as he attempts to close the gap and secure the title. Meanwhile, Neuville aims to maintain his commanding lead and claim victory.

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