New MotoGP Concessions Aim to Level the Field

During the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend earlier this month, it was reported that MotoGP would be implementing new measures in an effort to level the playing field and assist the struggling Japanese manufacturers. These measures, known as concessions, aim to hinder Ducati and provide support to the Japanese teams.

Under these new proposals, certain restrictions will be placed on various aspects of the sport. One of the key areas affected will be tyre allocation. In an attempt to limit Ducati’s advantage, they will face stricter limits on the number of tyres they are allowed to use during races.

Another area targeted by the concessions is testing. Ducati will have reduced opportunities for testing their bikes, giving the other teams a chance to catch up and potentially close the performance gap. This limitation on testing is expected to have a significant impact on Ducati’s ability to develop their bike throughout the season.

In addition to tyre allocation and testing, the concessions will also affect wildcards. Wildcard entries, which allow teams and riders to participate in select races outside of their regular championship campaign, will be limited for Ducati. This restriction is aimed at preventing them from gaining any additional advantages from participating in extra races.

Furthermore, engine development will also face restrictions under these new rules. Ducati will face limitations on the improvements they can make to their engines throughout the season. This is intended to prevent them from gaining an unfair advantage through continuous engine upgrades.

It is worth noting that these concessions will not only impact Ducati but will also apply to other manufacturers in MotoGP. However, the severity of the restrictions will vary based on the team’s performance. The aim is to create a more competitive and balanced field, allowing all manufacturers to have a fair chance at success.

These new concessions for MotoGP are set to be introduced in the 2024 season. They have been met with mixed reactions from fans and experts alike. While some argue that it is necessary to ensure fair competition, others express concerns about the potential impact on Ducati’s performance and the overall excitement of the sport.

Only time will tell how these changes will truly affect MotoGP. As we eagerly await the start of the 2024 season, one thing is for sure – it will be a fascinating time for fans and teams alike as they adapt to the new rules and find ways to succeed within the confines of the concessions.

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