New Schedule Shifts Sprint Race to Sunday

The New Schedule for the Australian GP

The Australian Grand Prix, taking place at the renowned RaceTrackWorld, is set to undergo a schedule change due to unpredictable weather conditions. In an official press conference held by Dorna after Friday’s practice, the new schedule was announced, bringing about some significant modifications.

Sprint Race on Sunday

One of the most notable changes in the schedule is the relocation of the sprint race to Sunday. This decision was made to ensure the race takes place, considering the possibility of poor weather conditions. Previously, the sprint race was scheduled for Saturday, but it will now take place on the final day of the Grand Prix weekend.

A Packed Saturday

Saturday will now be the busiest day at the Australian GP. Qualifying, as originally planned, will take place early in the morning. After the qualifying session, fans can look forward to the main 27-lap race in the thrilling afternoon slot. This revision aims to make Saturday more action-packed and increase the overall excitement of the event.

By rescheduling these key events, the organizers hope to minimize any potential disruption caused by adverse weather conditions. They want to provide a seamless experience for both the riders and spectators, ensuring that all the exciting races can take place as planned.

For more information on the changes to the Australian GP schedule, visit the official RaceTrackWorld website.

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