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Westwood Road Circuit: A Beloved Chapter in Canadian Motorsports

Nestled in the heart of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, the Westwood Road Circuit once roared with the thunderous sounds of powerful engines and the cheers of passionate motorsports enthusiasts. From its inception in 1959 to its final lap in 1990, this iconic circuit left an indelible mark on the Canadian racing scene.

A Labor of Love

The brainchild of local businessman and racing aficionado Ted Green, the Westwood Road Circuit was born on a sprawling 120-acre parcel of land. With a challenging 1.8-mile road course that wound through Coquitlam's scenic hills, the circuit immediately captivated the hearts of both drivers and fans.

A Multifaceted Venue

Over the years, the Westwood Road Circuit hosted a wide array of motorsports events, encompassing sports car races, motorcycle races, and even drag races. Its layout was notorious for its demanding nature, featuring a medley of tight turns and elevation changes that put the skills of even the most adept drivers to the test.

The Birthplace of Champions

The circuit was more than just a venue for races; it served as a crucial training ground for aspiring drivers. Many of Canada's top drivers began their journey here, earning the skills and experience needed to pursue successful careers in the motorsports world.

The Dance of the Circuit

The circuit's layout offered a thrilling experience, beginning with a lengthy straightaway leading into a sharp right-hand turn, demanding precise braking and expert maneuvering. It then guided drivers through a series of quick turns and elevation changes before opening up into another lengthy straight stretch.

The final stretch of the circuit presented a challenge with a tight left-hand turn, followed by a short straight leading into the last corner—a fast right-hand turn, which required drivers to maintain their speed to clock their best lap times.

More than Just a Circuit

Westwood Road Circuit wasn't just a place to witness exhilarating races; it was a piece of Canada's cultural fabric. It stood as a beloved fixture of the Canadian motorsports scene for over three decades, hosting races and nurturing budding talents. Moreover, its breathtaking natural surroundings, set against the scenic hills of Coquitlam, provided a picture-perfect backdrop for all the racing action.

A Driving Force for the Community

Beyond its impact on the racing world, Westwood Road Circuit played a pivotal role in the local economy. Each year, it drew thousands of fans, generating substantial revenue for nearby businesses and providing employment opportunities for residents in the region.

Honoring a Legend

While the Westwood Road Circuit may no longer echo with the roar of engines, it lives on in the hearts and memories of those who cherished its legacy. As the motorsports landscape continues to evolve and flourish, the influence of this iconic circuit remains an integral part of the Canadian motorsports narrative.

Plan Your Visit

If you're planning to visit the area and immerse yourself in the rich history of Westwood Road Circuit, here are some nearby hotels to consider:

  • Coquitlam Inn & Conference Centre: Located just a stone's throw away, this hotel offers comfortable accommodations and easy access to the circuit's former grounds.

  • Executive Plaza Hotel Coquitlam: A short drive from the circuit, this hotel provides a convenient and relaxing stay with modern amenities.

  • Best Western Plus Coquitlam Inn Convention Centre: Enjoy a pleasant stay at this hotel, which is situated in close proximity to the former racing circuit.

Whether you're a motorsports enthusiast paying homage to this legendary circuit or a traveler exploring the scenic beauty of Coquitlam, these nearby hotels ensure a comfortable and memorable stay.

The Westwood Road Circuit remains a testament to the enduring passion for motorsports in Canada, and its story continues to captivate the hearts of racing aficionados and history enthusiasts alike.