GingerMan Raceway Info

Address: Ltd, 61414 Phoenix Rd., South Haven MI 49090 USA
Phone Number: (+1) 269 253-4445

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GingerMan Raceway History

Gingerman Raceway is a premier motorsport facility located in South Haven, Michigan. The racetrack is known for its demanding 2.21-mile road course that challenges drivers with its high-speed straights, sweeping corners, and technical sections. The track is a favorite among motorsports enthusiasts, and it hosts various events throughout the year, including driving schools, racing series, and corporate events.

Gingerman Raceway was founded in 1995 by Daniel Schnitta, a former Formula Ford racer, and professional driver. The track was built on an old golf course, and Schnitta designed the layout himself. The track was designed with driver safety in mind, and it features wide run-off areas and gravel traps to minimize the risk of accidents.

Over the years, Gingerman Raceway has become a popular destination for racers and motorsports enthusiasts. The track has hosted various events, including SCCA and NASA racing series, high-performance driving schools, and track days. The track has also been used for corporate events, car launches, and product showcases.

Gingerman Raceway features a 2.21-mile, 11-turn road course. The track is a combination of high-speed straights, sweeping corners, and technical sections that challenge drivers of all skill levels.

The track starts with a long, high-speed straight that leads into a tight right-hand corner. The corner is followed by a series of high-speed turns that test the driver’s ability to maintain speed and control through the corners. The track then opens up into a long, high-speed straight that leads into a tight, technical section.

The last section of the track is a combination of tight corners and high-speed turns that demand the driver’s full attention. The final corner leads onto the front straight, where drivers can unleash the full power of their vehicles.

Gingerman Raceway also features a skidpad, where drivers can practice their drifting and car control skills. The skidpad is a large, open area that is covered in a special low-friction surface that simulates icy or wet conditions. This allows drivers to practice car control and sliding without the risk of damaging their vehicles.

Gingerman Raceway hosts various events throughout the year, including high-performance driving schools, track days, and racing series. The track also hosts corporate events, product launches, and car shows.

One of the most popular events at Gingerman Raceway is the NASA Great Lakes Racing Series. The series features various classes of race cars, including high-performance sports cars and open-wheel formula cars. The racing is fast and exciting, and the series attracts drivers and spectators from all over the region.

Gingerman Raceway also hosts various driving schools, where drivers can learn the basics of high-performance driving, car control, and racecraft. The driving schools are taught by experienced instructors and are open to drivers of all skill levels.

In addition to racing and driving schools, Gingerman Raceway hosts various track days throughout the year. Track days allow drivers to take their personal vehicles on the racetrack and experience the thrill of high-speed driving in a safe and controlled environment. The track days are open to drivers of all skill levels, and they provide an excellent opportunity to improve driving skills and meet other like-minded enthusiasts.