Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Info

Address: 59901 E. 55 Rd Jennings, OK 74038 USA
Email: hallettracing2@cimtel.net
Phone Number: (+1) 918 356 4814

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Hallett Motor Racing Circuit History

If you're a motorsports enthusiast looking for a thrilling experience on the track, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, also known as Hallett Raceway, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Located in the picturesque hills of Northeastern Oklahoma, this 1.8-mile road course offers a unique blend of technical corners and challenges that cater to drivers of all skill levels.

A Rich History

The Hallett Motor Racing Circuit has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1976. A group of dedicated local motorsports enthusiasts had a vision for a dedicated road course, and this dream became a reality under the meticulous design of Roger Johnson. Johnson's credentials include tracks like the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Portland International Raceway, giving Hallett its distinct character.

Challenging Turns and Elevation Changes

The track boasts 10 exhilarating turns, each presenting its own set of challenges. Among these, the "fish hook" corner stands out as a tight hairpin turn that demands drivers to slam the brakes before maneuvering a sharp 180-degree bend. The track's character shines through with a lengthy back straight leading to a fast right-hand "sweeper," where drivers need to maintain speed and precision.

Adding to the track's allure are the elevation changes that course through its layout. With several uphill and downhill sections, drivers must skillfully navigate these shifts in terrain to maintain their speed and momentum. The track's pinnacle is the hill on the back straight, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

Versatile Hosting and Continuous Upgrades

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit serves as a hub for club racing and track day events. Over the years, it has also hosted esteemed professional racing series, including the SCCA National Championship Runoffs and the Trans-Am Series. This versatility makes it an appealing destination for motorsports enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

To keep up with the evolving demands of modern motorsports, the track has undergone several significant upgrades. In 2004, a state-of-the-art timing and scoring system was installed, followed by a full repaving in 2007. In 2018, a brand new set of pit garages was constructed to enhance the experience for racers and their teams.

Accommodations and Accessibility

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is situated in Jennings, Oklahoma, a mere 30 miles west of Tulsa. Travel to the track is made convenient with its proximity to the Tulsa International Airport. For your convenience, the facility offers a full-service concession stand and a pro shop. Additionally, for those who wish to stay close to the action, on-site camping facilities are available.

Immerse in a Local Community

What sets Hallett apart is its deep-rooted connection to the local community. The track is owned and operated by the Hallett family, who have been integral to the motorsports scene in the region for over six decades. This familial involvement fosters a welcoming atmosphere, making the track a favored destination for local racers and enthusiasts.

Special Events and Memorable Experiences

Beyond its regular schedule of club racing and track day events, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit hosts a range of special events throughout the year. This includes an annual Halloween-themed race weekend, featuring a thrilling 6-hour endurance race and a lively costume contest. Additionally, the track offers a "Run Whatcha Brung" event, where drivers can bring their own cars and enjoy a non-competitive, friendly environment.

Your Ultimate Motorsports Destination

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is a place where the excitement of motorsports comes to life. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a first-time racer, the track's challenging corners and unique features promise an unforgettable experience. Its deep ties to the local community ensure a friendly, inclusive environment, welcoming all who share a passion for motorsports.

Don't miss the chance to explore this remarkable track and be part of the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit's rich history. It's a destination where speed and camaraderie unite for an unparalleled motorsports adventure.

Nearby Accommodations

As you plan your visit to Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, you'll need a comfortable place to stay nearby. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from, ensuring you have a relaxing stay during your motorsports adventure. Here are some hotels in the vicinity:

1. Hallett Lodge

  • Distance: Located within walking distance of the circuit
  • Amenities: Offers comfortable rooms, a restaurant, and a cozy atmosphere for motorsports enthusiasts.

2. Tulsa Speedway Inn

  • Distance: Approximately 15 miles from Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
  • Amenities: A great option for those seeking a quiet retreat with modern conveniences.

3. Oklahoma Motorsports Hotel

  • Distance: About 20 miles away from the circuit
  • Amenities: Ideal for racers and fans, offering a motorsports-themed atmosphere and comfortable accommodations.

These hotels provide a range of options to suit your preferences and ensure a pleasant stay as you embark on your motorsports adventure at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit.