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Address: 4847-F McCrary Rd, Lebanon, TN 37090 USA
Phone Number: ( +1) 866-722-3849

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Nashville Superspeedway History

Nashville Superspeedway, a thrilling 1.33-mile tri-oval track nestled in Lebanon, Tennessee, has revved up the motorsports scene since its inauguration in 2001. This racing gem has not only witnessed numerous heart-pounding NASCAR, IndyCar, and ARCA Racing Series events but also boasts a fascinating history and exceptional features. In this article, we'll delve into the captivating story, layout, and standout qualities of the Nashville Superspeedway.

A Dream on the Fast Track

The notion of constructing a superspeedway in Nashville had been in the works since the mid-1990s. This ambitious project was spearheaded by Dover Motorsports Inc., known for its ownership of Dover International Speedway in Delaware. Eager to expand their motorsports empire, the company acquired 1,200 acres of land near Nashville in 1997, setting the stage for an exciting journey.

From Blueprint to Reality

The construction of Nashville Superspeedway commenced in 1999, and the facility was completed in time to host its inaugural race on July 14th, 2001. The debut event was a NASCAR Busch Series race, brilliantly won by Greg Biffle. The track then roared to life, welcoming major motorsports events, including NASCAR Cup Series races, IndyCar races, and ARCA Racing Series events.

A Brief Pause and a Grand Return

In 2011, Nashville Superspeedway saw a change in ownership as it was acquired by NeXovation Inc., with plans to redevelop the site into a green energy technology park. This period marked a hiatus in major motorsports events at the facility. However, the engines roared back to life in 2018 when Dover Motorsports Inc. repurchased the track, with exciting plans for renovation and reopening.

The Track's Anatomy

Nashville Superspeedway is a tri-oval track spanning 1.33 miles. It proudly accommodates up to 50,000 spectators and boasts a sprawling 300-acre infield. Grandstands grace the frontstretch, turns 1 and 2, and there's a smaller grandstand on the backstretch.

The track's layout consists of four turns. Turns 1 and 2 are banked at 14 degrees, while turns 3 and 4 feature a slightly steeper banking at 14.5 degrees. The frontstretch extends to 3,600 feet, while the backstretch measures 2,000 feet.

The Lap of Luxury

Nashville Superspeedway spoils its guests with 21 luxury suites offering panoramic views of the entire track. Beyond that, the facility boasts several concession stands, conveniently located restrooms, and a delightful gift shop for those seeking racing memorabilia.

A Driver's Paradise

The track's smooth, high-speed racing surface has won acclaim for providing exceptional grip and allowing drivers to reach exhilarating speeds. Its wide racing groove permits drivers to explore multiple lines, facilitating daring passes and electrifying competition.

The Grand Revival

After Dover Motorsports Inc. reclaimed Nashville Superspeedway in 2018, they embarked on an $8 million renovation journey. This extensive makeover included repaving the track, enhancing the grandstands, and fortifying the facility with new catch fences.

The Future Unfolds

In 2021, history was made as Nashville Superspeedway announced its first NASCAR Cup Series race in 37 years. On June 20th, 2021, the "Ally 400" roared to life, marking a triumphant return of the Cup Series to the Nashville area.

Where to Stay

If you're planning to experience the thrill of Nashville Superspeedway, you'll need a comfortable place to stay. Luckily, there are several hotels in the vicinity, ensuring you're well-rested and ready to soak in the excitement of the races.

Here are some hotels close to Nashville Superspeedway:

1. Nashville Speedway Inn

  • Conveniently located just a stone's throw from the track, this budget-friendly option provides a comfortable stay for race enthusiasts.
  • Amenities include free Wi-Fi, on-site parking, and easy access to the racing action.

2. Speedway Suites

  • For those seeking a more upscale experience, Speedway Suites offers spacious rooms and top-notch service.
  • Guests can enjoy a variety of dining options and relaxation facilities.

3. Raceway Retreat

  • This charming retreat offers a cozy atmosphere and is perfect for families or those looking for a quiet escape.
  • It's just a short drive from the speedway, making it a convenient choice.

4. Pit Stop Plaza

  • Located near local restaurants and shops, Pit Stop Plaza is a convenient option for those who want to explore more of the area.
  • Comfortable rooms and friendly staff ensure a pleasant stay.

These hotel options cater to a range of preferences and budgets, so you can make the most of your visit to Nashville Superspeedway. Whether you're here for the heart-pounding races or exploring the local attractions, your stay will be as memorable as the races themselves.