Nelson Ledges Road Course Info

Address: 10342 State Route 305, Garrettsville, Ohio 44134 USA
Phone Number: (+1) 216 264 1120

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Nelson Ledges Road Course History

Nestled in Garrettsville, Ohio, the Nelson Ledges Road Course stands as a historic and thrilling destination for motorsports enthusiasts. Established in the early 1960s by a passionate group of racing aficionados, this racetrack has evolved over the years, offering a unique blend of history, challenges, and a diverse calendar of racing events.

A Journey Through Time

The roots of Nelson Ledges Road Course date back to the 1960s when it started as a humble 1.1-mile layout, aimed at providing a cost-effective venue for amateur racers. Local racing clubs quickly embraced the track, creating a fervent community of motorsports enthusiasts.

As the years passed, the track underwent significant improvements and expansions. In 1972, a 2-mile layout was introduced, featuring the legendary "esses," a sequence of corners renowned for pushing drivers to their limits. This layout played host to prestigious events such as the Trans-Am Series, Can-Am Series, and the IMSA GT Championship.

However, in the 1990s, the track fell into disrepair, leading to its temporary closure. The rebirth of Nelson Ledges Road Course occurred in 2004, thanks to local businessman Scott Lane and a dedicated group of investors. A substantial renovation project revitalized the track, with repaving, enhanced safety features, and upgraded facilities.

The Thrills of the Track

Today, Nelson Ledges Road Course spans 2 miles and boasts 13 challenging turns, an iconic layout known for its diverse corners, elevation changes, and high-speed sections. Drivers can push their vehicles to speeds exceeding 150 mph on the long straightaway.

The "esses" remain a formidable challenge, demanding precision and a perfect racing line. Blind corners and high-speed sweepers test the mettle of drivers of all skill levels.

Beyond the Tarmac

Nelson Ledges Road Course extends its appeal beyond the track itself. The facility provides a spacious paddock area, ideal for teams to set up their pit areas and work on their vehicles. For spectators, there are grandstands and viewing spots that offer spectacular vantage points of the racing action. Additionally, camping areas are available for fans seeking an overnight experience.

A Racing Calendar Like No Other

Throughout the year, Nelson Ledges Road Course plays host to a diverse range of racing events. These include car and motorcycle races, endurance races, and track days. Some of the most celebrated events on the track's calendar include:

Nelson Ledges 24 Hour Endurance Race

Dubbed one of the most grueling races on the track, the Nelson Ledges 24 Hour Endurance Race is open to a wide array of vehicles, ranging from production cars to race cars. Teams of drivers take on the ultimate challenge in a 24-hour race, with the victors being the ones who complete the most laps.

Midwest 8 Hour Endurance Race

The Midwest 8 Hour Endurance Race is another highlight, welcoming various car types. Teams compete in an intense 8-hour race, with victory going to the team that conquers the most laps.

Where to Stay

For visitors looking to fully immerse themselves in the Nelson Ledges Road Course experience, several hotels are conveniently located near the racetrack. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Nelson Ledges Hotel: This hotel is within a short drive from the track and offers comfortable accommodations for racing enthusiasts. It's an ideal choice for those who want to stay close to the action.

  • Garrettsville Inn: Situated just a stone's throw away from the racetrack, Garrettsville Inn provides a convenient and budget-friendly lodging option for those attending events at Nelson Ledges Road Course.

  • Racing Enthusiast Retreat: If you're seeking a unique experience, consider the Racing Enthusiast Retreat, a lodging option tailored for motorsports fans. It offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for those looking to bond over a shared passion for racing.

When planning your visit to Nelson Ledges Road Course, make sure to check availability and book your stay in advance, especially during popular racing events, to ensure a memorable and convenient experience.

Nelson Ledges Road Course remains a treasure trove of motorsports history and excitement. Whether you're a racer or a spectator, this legendary track promises an unforgettable journey through the world of road racing. Don't miss your chance to be part of the action at this iconic venue!

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