Sonoma Raceway Info

Address: 29355 Arnold Dr Sonoma CA 95476 USA
Phone Number: (+1) 800-870-7223

Hotels near Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma Raceway History

Located in the heart of California's wine country, Sonoma Raceway is a gem among motorsports enthusiasts. Formerly known as Sears Point Raceway and Infineon Raceway, this multi-purpose facility is a haven for racing aficionados. From the heart-pounding excitement of NASCAR and IndyCar to the finesse of sports cars and motorcycles, Sonoma Raceway is a must-visit destination for racing enthusiasts. But what's more, the surrounding area offers an array of comfortable lodging options, making your visit to Sonoma Raceway a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Track Layout

Before we dive into accommodation details, let's understand the thrilling track layout at Sonoma Raceway. Unlike traditional ovals, this circuit is a complex series of 12 turns with elevation changes throughout its 2.52-mile stretch. One of the most exciting features is "The Chute," a fast downhill straightaway leading into a challenging left-hand turn. This turn opens up to a series of S-turns that test a driver's skill and precision, and the final stretch is a long, sweeping right-hand turn rejoining the main straightaway.

Track Configurations

Sonoma Raceway's versatility is one of its standout features. The track can be configured in three main ways:

  • Full Course: This configuration, featuring all 12 turns, is used for major racing events like NASCAR and IndyCar.

  • Short Course: Reserved for smaller events, the short course skips the S-turns and leads directly into the long, sweeping final turn.

  • Drag Strip: The drag strip configuration is designed exclusively for thrilling drag racing events, boasting a quarter-mile straightaway.

Parking Options

For visitors arriving in various vehicle types, Sonoma Raceway offers diverse parking options. The main parking area near the entrance is for cars and motorcycles. An expansive lot caters to RVs and campers, while a separate parking area welcomes buses and larger vehicles. If you're in a high-performance car, you can access the exclusive "Hot Pits" parking area, designed for easy owner and mechanic access.

Must-See Races

Sonoma Raceway hosts some of the most exciting races in the motorsports world, with a focus on road courses:

  • Toyota/Save Mart 350: An annual NASCAR event held in June, this race presents top NASCAR drivers with the unique challenge of navigating the twists and turns of Sonoma Raceway's road course. It's known for its unpredictable nature, with unexpected winners and thrilling upsets.

  • IndyCar Grand Prix of Sonoma: Taking place in late September, this race showcases the best drivers in open-wheel racing as they tackle the challenging road course.

Staying Near Sonoma Raceway

To make the most of your Sonoma Raceway experience, consider staying at one of the conveniently located hotels near the circuit. Here are a few excellent options:

1. The Raceway Inn

Located just minutes from Sonoma Raceway, The Raceway Inn offers comfortable accommodations with a racing theme. You'll find a welcoming atmosphere and a great place to unwind after a day at the track.

2. Sonoma Valley Inn

For a taste of the region's wine country charm, the Sonoma Valley Inn is a fantastic choice. It's only a short drive from the raceway and provides guests with a relaxing setting amidst the beauty of Sonoma.

3. Hampton Inn & Suites

The Hampton Inn & Suites is another great option, known for its quality service and convenient location. It's just a short distance away from Sonoma Raceway and offers a comfortable retreat.

4. Best Western Plus Novato Oaks Inn

Situated in nearby Novato, the Best Western Plus Novato Oaks Inn is a great choice if you prefer to stay just a bit further from the track. With modern amenities and a serene environment, it's worth considering.

By choosing any of these lodging options, you can complete your Sonoma Raceway adventure with a comfortable and restful stay.


Sonoma Raceway, nestled in the picturesque California wine country, is a beloved destination for race fans and drivers alike. Its challenging circuit layouts and modern facilities make it a true gem in the motorsports world. Whether you're a seasoned racing fan or a curious newcomer, there's something for everyone at this legendary venue. Don't miss the opportunity to combine thrilling races with the scenic beauty of wine country – Sonoma Raceway is waiting to welcome you.