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Address: 1060 W Eells Hill Rd., Shelton WA 98584 USA
Phone Number: (+)13604277223

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The Ridge Motorsports Park History

The Ridge Motorsports Park is a popular racing track located in Shelton, Washington. This track is designed for various types of motor sports, including cars, bikes, and go-karts, and has become a favorite destination for racing enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Ridge Motorsports Park, exploring its history, layout, and key features.

The Ridge Motorsports Park was developed by Trac Northwest, a company that specializes in designing, building, and managing motorsports facilities. The project was initiated by Willem G. Dik, a former racecar driver who envisioned a world-class racing track in the Pacific Northwest that could host major motorsports events. In 2011, Dik purchased a 330-acre property in Shelton, Washington, which was then developed into the Ridge Motorsports Park.

The construction of the Ridge Motorsports Park took about 14 months and was completed in August 2012. The track was designed by renowned track architect Martyn Thake, who has worked on some of the world’s most famous racing circuits. The Ridge is a modern, state-of-the-art facility that incorporates a variety of technical features and challenges to test the skills of drivers and riders.

The Ridge Motorsports Park features a 2.47-mile road course that has been designed to provide drivers and riders with a range of challenges. The track is characterized by a variety of turns, elevation changes, and high-speed sections that make it both exciting and technical. The course has 14 turns and is designed to accommodate a wide range of motorsports events, including car racing, motorcycle racing, and go-karting.

One of the standout features of the Ridge Motorsports Park is its unique blend of high-speed sections and technical corners. The course starts with a long straightaway that leads into a sweeping right-hand turn, which takes drivers and riders into the first of several elevation changes. From there, the course winds through a series of left and right-hand turns, with each turn offering a different challenge to drivers and riders.

The Ridge Motorsports Park also has several technical features that make it a great testing ground for both seasoned and novice drivers. The track features a mix of low and high-speed corners, tight hairpins, and elevation changes, which all demand a different driving technique. This mix of technical features and high-speed sections makes the Ridge an exciting and challenging track that is ideal for testing the skills of drivers and riders.

In addition to its impressive track layout, the Ridge Motorsports Park has several key features that make it a great destination for racing enthusiasts. Some of these features include:

Karting Track: The Ridge Motorsports Park also has a karting track, which is perfect for younger drivers or those who are just getting started in racing. The karting track is a smaller, more compact version of the main track and is designed to provide a fun and exciting experience for all ages.

Garages: The Ridge has a total of 28 garages that are available for rent. These garages provide drivers and teams with a dedicated space to work on their vehicles and store their equipment.

Spectator Viewing: The Ridge Motorsports Park has several areas that are designed for spectators. The track has a number of viewing areas where fans can get an up-close look at the action, as well as a large grandstand that provides a panoramic view of the track.

Hospitality Suites: The Ridge Motorsports Park also has several hospitality suites that can be rented for events. These suites offer a luxurious and comfortable setting for corporate events, parties, and other special occasions.

Aside from the variety of racing events that take place at Ridge Motorsports Park, the venue also offers numerous opportunities for enthusiasts to enjoy the sport. It hosts a number of classes and programs, from track days and driving schools to karting programs and racing competitions.

For those who want to experience the thrill of driving on the track, the Ridge offers private and group track days where drivers can bring their own cars and bikes to experience the twists, turns, and straights of the track. The venue also offers a variety of driving schools and coaching programs for drivers who want to improve their skills and learn how to drive at high speeds safely.

The Ridge is also home to a karting track, which is perfect for beginners who want to experience the thrill of racing at a smaller scale. The karting program is open to all ages and experience levels, making it an ideal activity for families or groups of friends.

Furthermore, the Ridge Motorsports Park hosts a variety of racing competitions throughout the year. From amateur races to professional competitions, the track is always alive with the excitement of high-speed racing. Some of the most notable events include the SCCA Northwest Pacific Championship and the Pacific Northwest Historic Vintage Races.

In addition to racing events, the Ridge Motorsports Park is also a popular venue for corporate events, private parties, and team building activities. The venue has a variety of event spaces available for rent, from meeting rooms to outdoor areas perfect for hosting large groups. Whether you’re looking to host a corporate retreat or a birthday party, the Ridge offers a unique and exciting setting that is sure to impress your guests.

Overall, the Ridge Motorsports Park is a premier destination for racing enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. Its location in the beautiful forests of Shelton, WA, combined with its state-of-the-art facilities and variety of programs and events, make it a must-visit for anyone interested in high-speed racing. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a novice looking to try something new, the Ridge offers something for everyone.