Off-Camber Corners: Verstappen and Leclerc Call for Banking

Off-Camber Corners in Abu Dhabi Should Be Banked, Say Verstappen and Leclerc

Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit has come under scrutiny from Formula 1 drivers Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, who believe that the off-camber corners on the track should be banked for better racing opportunities.

Turns 12 to 16 are notably off-camber, where the apex of the corner is slightly higher compared to the outside. This design element has often resulted in limited opportunities for side-by-side racing with a clear racing line defined.

Verstappen and Leclerc both agree that by banking these corners, it would provide a more even playing field and open up more chances for overtaking.

“The current off-camber corners in Abu Dhabi make it very difficult to race closely and overtake,” Verstappen stated. “When you’re forced to take a wider line, it’s much harder to make a move on the inside. A banked corner would solve this problem and create more exciting racing.”

Leclerc echoed Verstappen’s sentiments, adding, “The off-camber corners definitely pose a challenge for drivers. By banking them, we would have a more level track surface, allowing for better traction and increased possibilities for wheel-to-wheel battles.”

There are also off-camber corners through Turns 7 and 8, which break up the two DRS zones. This further contributes to the difficulty in gaining traction on the run down to Turn 9.

The proposal to bank the off-camber corners in Abu Dhabi has gained attention within the motorsport community. Some experts believe that the introduction of banking would improve racing dynamics and create a more thrilling spectacle for fans.

However, there are differing opinions on the matter. Critics argue that altering the track layout could disrupt the existing challenge and character of the circuit. They contend that the off-camber corners force drivers to adapt their driving styles and require skillful maneuvering.

The debate surrounding banked corners in Abu Dhabi is likely to continue as both sides present their arguments. Ultimately, it will be up to race organizers and officials to determine whether any modifications should be made to enhance the racing experience at Yas Marina Circuit.

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