Pierre Fillon questions feasibility of Le Mans hydrogen class by 2026

Pierre Fillon casts doubt on the feasibility of introducing hydrogen class at Le Mans by 2026

Pierre Fillon, president of Le Mans organiser and WEC promoter the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, has stated that he believes that the new target of 2026 outlined in the week of this year’s edition of the French enduro in June is looking increasingly impractical.

“It is not realistic [for 2026],” said Fillon. “We have to spend some time on the safety, and it is longer than we expected. “

The introduction of a hydrogen fuel cell class at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race has been a topic of discussion and speculation in recent times. The organizers aimed to implement the new class by 2026, but Fillon’s comments suggest that there might be delays in achieving this goal.

Fillon emphasized the need to prioritize safety considerations before introducing the hydrogen class. He acknowledged that more time would be required than initially anticipated to ensure that all necessary safety measures are in place.

While the idea of a hydrogen-powered class at Le Mans has generated excitement within the motorsport community, Fillon’s remarks indicate that the project may be facing unforeseen challenges.

Le Mans is renowned for its dedication to safety and innovation, and the organizers are committed to upholding these principles during the implementation of the hydrogen class. By taking the necessary time to address safety concerns, they aim to create a secure and sustainable environment for the participants.

Although Fillon did not provide a new target date for the introduction of the hydrogen class, he hinted that 2027 might be a more realistic timeframe. This gives the organizers additional time to refine their plans and ensure a smooth transition to the new class.

The hydrogen class holds the potential to revolutionize endurance racing by promoting clean and efficient energy solutions. Le Mans, as one of the most prestigious races in the world, aims to play a leading role in driving sustainability in motorsport.

As the discussions continue and the organizers work towards implementing the hydrogen class, the motorsport community eagerly awaits updates on the progress and eventual debut of this exciting addition to the Le Mans lineup.

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