Pirelli Trackside Engineer Opportunities

Pirelli Motorsport- Trackside Engineer

An exciting opportunity awaits those looking to work for one of the leading international tyre manufacturers, Pirelli Motorsport. This role will be based at their UK facility but will also involve extensive worldwide travel to attend global race events. As a Trackside Engineer, you will play a vital role in various aspects of tyre engineering, ensuring the provision of professional trackside support services at a wide range of motorsport events.

Working as a Trackside Engineer for Pirelli Motorsport is an excellent opportunity for individuals passionate about both engineering and motorsport. The job will require a strong technical background in tyre engineering and a high level of expertise in providing on-site support during races.

Worldwide Travel Opportunities

One of the key features of this role is the chance to travel extensively to different parts of the world. As a Trackside Engineer, you will have the privilege of attending global race events, contributing directly to the success of Pirelli’s motorsport endeavors. This not only provides a unique experience but also allows you to broaden your horizons by engaging with various cultures, learning about different racing circuits, and gaining exposure to diverse racing teams.

The extensive travel involved in this position highlights Pirelli Motorsport’s commitment to being a major player in the world of racing. By sending their engineers to prestigious events worldwide, Pirelli can showcase their expertise, strengthen customer relationships, and gather valuable insights into the demands and challenges faced by different racing environments.

A Multifaceted Role

As a Trackside Engineer, you will be responsible for numerous crucial tasks related to tyre engineering. These responsibilities include tire compound analysis, performance evaluation, and providing recommendations to optimize performance on various racing surfaces. You will work closely with the race teams, offering technical support and expertise to ensure the teams’ optimal performance during races.

Furthermore, you will be involved in data collection and analysis, using sophisticated software and tools to monitor tyre performance and ensure the tire’s suitability for different weather conditions and track surfaces. This data-driven approach is essential for continually improving tyre development, as it helps Pirelli Motorsport understand the unique challenges presented by each racing environment.

A Dynamic Work Environment

Working as a Trackside Engineer for Pirelli Motorsport promises an exciting and fast-paced work environment. Every race event presents new challenges and demands unique solutions. As a part of the Pirelli team, you will have the opportunity to hone your problem-solving skills and adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

Additionally, collaborating with international race teams and skilled engineers from various backgrounds will allow you to gain valuable insights and expand your professional network. This exposure to a wide range of professionals within the motorsport industry can open doors for future career opportunities.


If you have a passion for motorsport and tyre engineering, this opportunity to join Pirelli Motorsport as a Trackside Engineer is truly unmissable. The chance to work for a prestigious international tyre manufacturer and contribute to their success on a global scale is extremely rewarding. With the added bonus of worldwide travel and exposure to different racing environments, this role offers a unique and enriching experience. Apply now to be a part of the dynamic and exhilarating world of motorsport with Pirelli Motorsport.

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