Porsche Ace Cairoli in Line for Lamborghini LMDh Drive

Porsche Ace Cairoli in Line for Lamborghini LMDh Drive in IMSA

Italian driver Alessio Cairoli, who is contracted by Porsche but doesn’t have factory driver status, is rumored to be a potential candidate to fill one of the two remaining seats in Lamborghini’s LMDh program. The program is set to span the endurance leg of IMSA and the full World Endurance Championship season in 2024.

Cairoli had the opportunity to test the under-development Lamborghini SC63 LMDh during a private session at Jerez last month. This test marked his first experience with the new car, and reports indicate that he performed admirably.

The partnership between Porsche and Cairoli is well-established, and while he may not have official factory driver status, his skill and expertise are widely recognized. The potential move to Lamborghini would provide Cairoli with a chance to showcase his capabilities in a different context.

If Cairoli joins the Lamborghini LMDh program, he will be competing in some of the most prestigious and challenging races in the motorsport world. The IMSA series and the World Endurance Championship offer intense competition and give drivers an opportunity to prove themselves on the global stage.

The Lamborghini SC63 LMDh is currently being developed and honed to perform at its best. The team is aiming for a successful debut in 2024, and the addition of Cairoli to the lineup would undoubtedly strengthen their chances.

As the deadline for finalizing driver lineups approaches, the motorsport community eagerly anticipates news regarding the remaining seats. The competition for these coveted positions is fierce, with drivers vying for a chance to represent Lamborghini and compete against some of the best in the world. Cairoli’s potential inclusion adds another layer of excitement to this process.

Overall, the possibility of Alessio Cairoli joining Lamborghini’s LMDh program has sparked interest and speculation among fans and experts alike. His proven talent and experience make him a valuable contender for one of the remaining seats. As the official announcements draw near, the racing world eagerly awaits confirmation of Cairoli’s next career move.

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