Pramac Ducati rider struggles with rear grip

Pramac Ducati rider struggles with rear grip issues

The Pramac Ducati rider had a difficult time in last week’s Qatar GP, finishing in 10th place, his worst result of the season. He struggled with a lack of rear grip right from the start of the race. This poor performance allowed his title rival, Francesco Bagnaia, to take a 21-point lead going into the Valencia finale.

Blaming Michelin for championship loss

In a post-race interview, Martin expressed his frustration with Michelin, claiming that they had “stolen” his championship due to the problematic rear tyre. He believed that the lack of rear grip caused by the tyre issue significantly impacted his performance and ultimately cost him valuable points in the championship.

No answers from Michelin

During a press conference in Valencia, Martin revealed that he had sought answers from Michelin regarding the tyre issue but had not received any satisfactory response. Despite his request for clarification or a potential solution, he was left without any answers from the tyre manufacturer.

This lack of support and assistance from Michelin has left Martin feeling frustrated and disappointed. He believes that the tyre issue was not a result of a manufacturing problem but rather a design flaw that affected his chances in the championship.

As the Valencia finale approaches, Martin and his team will have to work hard to overcome the rear grip issues they faced in Qatar. With Bagnaia holding a substantial lead in the championship, Martin will need a strong performance in Valencia to have any hope of challenging for the title.

Despite the setbacks, Martin remains determined and focused on ending the season on a high note. He knows that he will have to give his best effort and make the most of his skills to overcome the challenges posed by the rear grip issues and catch up to his title rival.

Martin’s season has been impressive overall, with several strong performances and podium finishes. However, the tyre issue in Qatar has undoubtedly affected his championship aspirations. Whether he can bounce back and make a comeback in the final race of the season remains to be seen.

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