Rally Star Event: Gill and Brkic Shine

Rally Star Event: Gill and Brkic Secure Rally3 Podium Finish

In the latest FIA Rally Star training event, Australian driver Gill and co-driver Daniel Brkic showcased their skill and emerged as the top-performing team among the Rally Star crews. The competition took place on the challenging gravel roads of Germany, providing a stern test for all participants.

As part of the FIA’s initiative, six driver and co-driver pairs were carefully chosen from regional finals held across the globe to compete in a series of European rallies. The final event saw Gill and Brkic demonstrate their talent, securing an impressive sixth-place overall finish and claiming the third spot in the Rally3 class.

With the event organized and funded by the FIA, the Rally Star initiative aims to identify and nurture promising young talents in the world of rallying. By providing opportunities to compete in prestigious rallies, the program seeks to develop and prepare the next generation of rally racing stars.

Gill and Brkic’s success in securing a Rally3 podium finish further solidifies their position as talented contenders in the sport. Their clean and consistent performance on the demanding German gravel roads earned them well-deserved recognition and praise.

The FIA Rally Star training event served as a crucial platform for the selected drivers and co-drivers to enhance their skills and gain valuable experience. The challenging terrain and competitive field tested their abilities, allowing them to further refine their techniques.

As the event concluded, attention now turns to future Rally Star events and the continued growth and development of emerging talents in the sport. With their remarkable accomplishment in the German rally, Gill and Brkic have undoubtedly made a strong case for themselves as rising stars in the world of rallying.

With each successful Rally Star event, the FIA’s commitment to nurturing and promoting young talent in motorsport becomes more apparent. These initiatives pave the way for a promising future in rally racing, ensuring a steady influx of skillful drivers and co-drivers.

The Rally Star program has undoubtedly provided Gill and Brkic with an invaluable platform to showcase their abilities and attract attention from fans and experts alike. Their podium finish demonstrates their potential and ambitious drive to excel in the field of rally racing.

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