Renault & Mercedes Partnership in Alpine A242 LMDh Prototype

Bruno Famin on the Deal with Mercedes F1 Reserve Driver for Alpine A242 LMDh Prototype

Bruno Famin, vice president of motorsport at the Renault brand, has shed light on the recent announcement of a deal with Mercedes F1 reserve driver. The agreement allows the driver to race the new Alpine A242 LMDh prototype in 2024.

Famin revealed that the deal had been in motion before the driver was given a try-out in the car at Jerez in October. “Talking in the F1 paddock with the Mick, when you are discussing, you don’t defy an opportunity to have him in the team,” said Famin.

The collaboration between Renault and Mercedes reflects their shared vision for the future of motorsport. The partnership aims to leverage the expertise of both brands to develop innovative racing technologies and drive competition to new heights.

Having the Mercedes F1 reserve driver as part of the Alpine team brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table. The driver’s previous involvement in Formula 1 provides invaluable insights and adds a competitive edge to the development of the Alpine A242 LMDh prototype.

The decision to include the driver in the team was not taken lightly. Famin explained that discussions in the F1 paddock led them to believe that this opportunity was too good to pass up. The driver’s potential contribution to the team’s success was evident, and they were keen to secure his participation in the project.

The Alpine A242 LMDh prototype represents a new era in endurance racing. The car incorporates cutting-edge technology and performance capabilities that push the boundaries of what is possible on the racetrack.

With the collaboration between Renault and Mercedes, the Alpine team is poised to make a significant impact in the world of motorsport. The combined expertise of the two brands sets the stage for a thrilling and competitive racing season in 2024.

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