Revving Up: Sauber’s Team Growth & Future

Revving Up for a New Era: Sauber’s Team Growth and Future Prospects

The Beginnings of Transformation

In the competitive arena of Formula 1 racing, team size and resources can play pivotal roles in the pursuit of victory. Sauber, a name synonymous with motorsports resilience, faced financial constraints that significantly affected the team structure – constraining it to a mere 220 personnel before pivotal changes began to unfold. The turn of tides came with Finn Rausing’s acquisition of the team in 2017. This change in ownership spurred a new chapter in the team’s history, infusing fresh capital and rejuvenating its operational dynamics.

A Period of Growth Under Alfa Romeo Partnership

With the infusion of new investment and a partnership with Alfa Romeo, Sauber began an impressive trajectory of growth. Over the years, systematically scaling up their operations, the headcount more than doubled, signaling not just a recovery but a promising future. As the team rebranded under the Alfa Romeo banner, their capacity to compete grew tangibly, inviting optimism about their potential in the seasons to come.

Momentum from Audi’s Involvement

The announcement of Audi’s takeover in August 2022 injected further vigor into Sauber’s expansion plans. The added resources and expertise from one of the most recognized car manufacturers stood as a testament to Sauber’s upward journey. With a prestigious partner backing their endeavor, their recruitment drive got an additional thrust, suggesting an uncompromising approach to their preparation for upcoming competitions.

Continued Drive for Recruitment

As part of this transformative phase, Sauber’s quest to assemble the best talent continues unrestrained. The present vision includes not only attracting top-tier professionals from across the global motorsport landscape but also nurturing new talents that can contribute to the legacy of innovation and success that Sauber is known for. Each new addition to the team melds into a collective dedication towards performance optimization and engineering excellence.

Looking Ahead: Gearing up for Audi’s Entry

Looking towards the horizon, the firm alliance with Audi symbolizes a galvanized future for Sauber. The focus remains on fortifying the team at every level to ensure that by the time Audi officially enters the fray, Sauber’s capabilities will be honed to an even higher degree of race-readiness, echoing a promising future for the endeavors in top-tier motorsport events. As the anticipation for this collaboration grows, Sauber’s progressive scale-up becomes a beacon of their commitment to a future graced with podium finishes and illustrious victories.


As the tarmac heats up and the engines roar louder with each passing season, Sauber’s evolutionary tale from a constrained setup to a thriving hub of racing craftsmanship sets a narrative of perseverance and ambition. The continued growth and recruitment efforts cement the foundation for a future where the name Sauber, in synergy with Audi, becomes synonymous with innovation, technological prowess, and racing triumphs in the high-octane world of Formula 1.

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