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The Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero Race Track is a street circuit located in the Puerto Madero neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The circuit has hosted a variety of motorsport events over the years, including the Argentine Grand Prix of MotoGP, the TC2000 touring car championship, and the Formula E championship.

The circuit is known for its challenging layout, with several tight corners and a long straight that runs along the docks of the Rio de la Plata. The circuit is 2.48 kilometers long and features 12 turns, including a hairpin and a chicane. The tight nature of the circuit makes it a favorite among drivers, as it requires precision and skill to navigate at high speeds.

The Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero Race Track has a rich history of motorsport events, with the first event held in 1998. The circuit was originally designed by Italian engineer Leonardo Pallotta and has since been updated to meet modern safety standards. The circuit is also known for its unique location, with the Buenos Aires skyline providing a stunning backdrop to the racing action.

In addition to the racing circuit, the Puerto Madero neighborhood is known for its vibrant dining and nightlife scene, making it a popular destination for motorsport fans and tourists alike. The circuit is easily accessible from the city center, and there are a variety of hotels and restaurants in the area to cater to visitors.

Despite its popularity, the Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero Race Track has faced challenges over the years. In 2018, the organizers of the Argentine Grand Prix of MotoGP announced that the race would no longer be held at the circuit, citing safety concerns and a lack of funding. However, the circuit has continued to host other motorsport events, and there is hope that it will be able to secure funding and support to continue hosting top-level racing events in the future.

Overall, the Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero Race Track is a must-visit destination for any motorsport fan traveling to Buenos Aires. Its unique location and challenging layout make it a favorite among drivers, and its history of hosting top-level racing events has helped to cement its status as one of the premier street circuits in South America.