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Address: Potrero de los Funes-San Luis, Argentina

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Potrero de los Funes History

The Potrero de los Funes race track is a motorsport circuit located in the province of San Luis, Argentina. The circuit is situated in the scenic Potrero de los Funes area, surrounded by the Sierra de las Quijadas mountains and the San Luis Lake.

The Potrero de los Funes race track is known for its stunning natural beauty, with the circuit built around the San Luis Lake and featuring several elevation changes and fast sweeping corners. The circuit is 6.27 kilometers long and features 20 turns, including a long straight that allows drivers to reach speeds of over 250 km/h.

The circuit was built in 1987 and underwent a significant renovation in 2008 to meet modern safety standards and accommodate a wider range of motorsport events. The circuit has since hosted a variety of racing events, including rounds of the Argentine Touring Car Championship, the Super TC 2000, and the Turismo Carretera.

The Potrero de los Funes race track is one of the most challenging circuits in South America, requiring a high level of skill and precision to navigate at high speeds. The circuit is a favorite among drivers, who praise its combination of high-speed sections and technical corners.

In addition to the racing circuit, the Potrero de los Funes area is known for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities. Visitors to the area can enjoy hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities, as well as exploring the nearby city of San Luis.

The Potrero de los Funes race track is a significant destination for motorsport fans in South America, with its combination of challenging layout and stunning natural surroundings making it a must-visit destination. The circuit’s history of hosting top-level racing events has helped to cement its status as one of the premier motorsport facilities in the region.