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Ribeirão Preto Street Circuit History

Location and Overview

The Ribeirão Preto Street Circuit, nestled in the vibrant city of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil, is a temporary motorsports gem that has been thrilling motorsport enthusiasts since 2010. This unique racing facility is celebrated for its challenging layout, tight turns, and captivating races. If you're planning to visit, we've got more exciting details to share.

Circuit Highlights

Temporary Marvel

Unlike permanent racetracks, the Ribeirão Preto Street Circuit is a temporary facility. The circuit is meticulously constructed for each event and then disassembled, providing a dynamic experience for every race.

Racing Variety

Over the years, this circuit has witnessed various motorsport events, including the Brazilian Formula Truck Championship, Brazilian Stock Car Championship, and the FIA GT World Cup. The venue's captivating layout has made it a standout choice for racers and spectators alike.

Track Details

The 2.5-kilometer long circuit boasts 12 turns and a combination of fast and slow corners, providing a challenge for drivers. With a width of 12 meters, it accommodates both cars and motorcycles.

Picturesque Setting

What sets this circuit apart is its location. It's situated right in the heart of Ribeirão Preto, a city renowned for its rich culture, history, and warm hospitality. The combination of racing action and a vibrant cityscape makes it a unique and picturesque motorsports facility.

Diverse Racing Experience

The circuit offers a mix of tight turns and narrow sections that challenge drivers, while long straights allow them to reach high speeds and execute thrilling overtaking maneuvers.

Top Events and Private Rentals

The Ribeirão Preto Street Circuit has firmly established itself as one of the premier motorsports venues in South America. It hosts a variety of racing events, attracting racing fans from across the globe. Some of the most popular events include the Brazilian Stock Car Championship, the FIA GT World Cup, and the Brazilian Formula Truck Championship.

For those who dream of experiencing the rush of racing on a professional motorsports facility, the circuit offers private rentals for both the main circuit and the karting track. This provides an opportunity for amateur racers and car enthusiasts to live their motorsport dreams.

Safety is Paramount

Safety is a top priority at the Ribeirão Preto Street Circuit. The facility is equipped with high-quality safety barriers, catch fencing, and a medical center staffed with trained professionals. Experienced marshals and officials oversee racing events to ensure all rules and regulations are adhered to. The circuit also complies with strict noise and environmental regulations to minimize its impact on the surrounding area.

Visitor Experience

The Ribeirão Preto Street Circuit welcomes visitors year-round. You can enjoy the excitement from the grandstands, offering breathtaking views of the track and the cityscape. But the thrills don't end there. For those eager to get behind the wheel, private rentals are available for both the main circuit and the karting track. The facility also provides driving instruction and coaching for those looking to enhance their skills and deepen their motorsport knowledge.

Explore Ribeirão Preto

Beyond the adrenaline of the circuit, Ribeirão Preto offers a multitude of cultural and recreational attractions. Explore museums, galleries, parks, and shopping centers, making your visit to this Brazilian gem a complete experience.

Hotels Near Ribeirão Preto Street Circuit

To ensure you make the most of your visit, here are some hotels near the Ribeirão Preto Street Circuit, where you can unwind after an exciting day at the track:

1. Hotel Circuit

Located within walking distance of the circuit, this hotel offers convenience and comfort for motorsport enthusiasts.

2. Ribeirão Palace Hotel

Situated in the heart of the city, this hotel provides easy access to both the circuit and the city's attractions.

3. Grandview Hotel

Offering a blend of comfort and style, this hotel is a great choice for a relaxing stay.

4. Golden Park Ribeirão Preto

This hotel provides a comfortable retreat with modern amenities, ensuring a restful night after a day of excitement.

5. Bristol Convention Hotel

Ideal for business and leisure travelers, this hotel offers a range of amenities and is conveniently located.

Now that you have the inside scoop on the Ribeirão Preto Street Circuit and nearby hotels, you're all set to embark on a motorsports adventure like no other. Enjoy the thrill of the track and the hospitality of Ribeirão Preto!