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Address: Ibarra, Ecuador
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Phone Number: +593 98 012 0696

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Yahuarcocha Circuit Ecuador History

The Yahuarcocha Circuit is a motorsport race track located in the city of Ibarra, Ecuador. The circuit is named after the nearby Lake Yahuarcocha and has a rich history of hosting motorsport events in the country.

The Yahuarcocha Circuit is a 3.7-kilometer track that features 10 turns and a long straightaway. The circuit’s layout is challenging, with several high-speed corners and elevation changes that require precision and skill to navigate at high speeds.

The circuit was originally built in 1967 and has since undergone several renovations to modernize its facilities and meet modern safety standards. The Yahuarcocha Circuit has hosted a variety of motorsport events over the years, including the Ecuadorian Touring Car Championship, the Andean Rally, and the National Motorcycle Championship.

In addition to its racing facilities, the Yahuarcocha Circuit also has a variety of amenities for visitors. The circuit is located near Lake Yahuarcocha, which offers stunning views and recreational activities such as fishing and boating. The circuit is also located near the city of Ibarra, which has a variety of hotels and restaurants to cater to visitors.

The Yahuarcocha Circuit is an important part of the motorsport scene in Ecuador and has played a significant role in promoting the sport in the country. The circuit has a loyal following of motorsport enthusiasts and has helped to launch the careers of many of Ecuador’s top drivers.

Despite its popularity, the Yahuarcocha Circuit has faced challenges in recent years. The circuit has struggled to secure funding and support to modernize its facilities and attract top-level racing events. However, there is hope that with the right investment and support, the Yahuarcocha Circuit can continue to play a vital role in the growth of motorsport in Ecuador.