Autodromo Tacna Info

Address: Tacna, Peru

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Autodromo Tacna History

The sports facility on an area of ​​315 hectares was built in 1954 and expanded in various sections over time. The race track with different route variants is around 10 to 12 meters wide. Depending on the variant, the route length is 2114, 3262 or 3422 meters.

The central box system has 36 individual boxes, each with an area of ​​35 m². The pit lane is separated from the 650 meter long start and finish straight by a 200 meter long and one meter high wall and is 12 meters wide. The three-story track control tower includes rooms for timekeeping, race control and a meeting room for drivers’ briefings and conferences. There are natural spectator stands around the route . The main stand in the pit area is elevated and allows a view of the entire course of the route. The operator is the Automovil Club Tacna (ACT).