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A Gem on Uruguay's Coastline

Punta del Este Street Circuit, nestled in the charming coastal city of Punta del Este, Uruguay, offers a unique blend of motorsports excitement and natural beauty. This temporary circuit has garnered international acclaim for its picturesque location, challenging layout, and thrilling racing action.

Racing Heritage

In 2014, Punta del Este Street Circuit made its debut on the motorsports stage, hosting a leg of the FIA Formula E Championship. The inaugural race was an overwhelming success, drawing thousands of enthusiastic fans who lined the streets of Punta del Este to witness electric-powered race cars navigate the intricate course.

Since then, the circuit has become a staple on the Formula E calendar, with subsequent races taking place in 2015 and 2018. Beyond Formula E, the track has also witnessed the roar of touring cars and the grandeur of the Uruguayan Grand Prix.

Circuit Details

Spanning 2.785 kilometers, this circuit meanders through the heart of Punta del Este. It boasts a challenging layout comprising 20 turns, including tight hairpins and demanding chicanes that put even the most seasoned drivers to the test.

The journey begins with a lengthy straight leading into a sharp right-hand turn that demands precise braking and skillful maneuvering. The circuit then unfolds through a series of rapid turns and elevation changes, featuring a lightning-fast chicane where precision driving is paramount.

The final leg of the circuit presents a series of tight hairpin turns and another extended straight leading into the ultimate challenge—a high-speed left-hand turn that necessitates maintaining momentum for optimal lap times.

A Feast for the Senses

Punta del Este Street Circuit offers more than just thrilling motorsports. It is set against the backdrop of Punta del Este's stunning beaches and coastline, making it one of the most visually captivating tracks in the world. The juxtaposition of racing machines against the natural beauty of the region is nothing short of spectacular.

Where to Stay

For those planning to experience the excitement of Punta del Este Street Circuit up close, several hotels are conveniently located near the circuit:

1. Beachfront Luxury: Hotel del Mar

Indulge in the ultimate luxury experience at Hotel del Mar. This beachfront hotel offers opulent rooms, gourmet dining, and breathtaking views of the circuit and the sea.

2. Comfort and Convenience: Punta Residence

Punta Residence provides a comfortable and convenient stay just minutes away from the circuit. Enjoy spacious rooms, excellent amenities, and easy access to the racing action.

3. Budget-Friendly Option: Beachside Inn

For budget-conscious travelers, Beachside Inn offers clean and comfortable accommodations within walking distance of the circuit. Enjoy a pleasant stay without breaking the bank.

Boosting the Local Economy

Punta del Este Street Circuit is not only a source of exhilarating entertainment but also a significant contributor to the local economy. Each year, thousands of fans flock to the city, injecting revenue into local businesses and creating job opportunities for residents.

In an ever-evolving motorsports landscape, Punta del Este Street Circuit remains an enduring and vital part, capturing the hearts of both drivers and fans. Plan your visit to this extraordinary racing destination and experience the thrill of motorsports against the backdrop of Uruguay's coastal beauty.