Super Formula: Miyata Holds Lead

TOM’S driver Miyata is currently leading the championship race in Super Formula, holding an eight-point lead over Lawson. With only two races remaining in the season, the stakes are high for the drivers as they compete for the title.

Miyata’s Lead

Since the previous race at Motegi in August, Lawson has filled in as an injury substitute for Daniel Ricciardo in AlphaTauri, participating in five grand prix starts. Impressively, he has made quite an impact during his time as a substitute.

Intense Competition

The competition between Miyata, Lawson, and defending two-time champion Tomoki Nojiri is fierce. Currently, Lawson is trailing Miyata by eight points, while Nojiri is further behind by two points. As the final two races approach, the drivers will need to give their best performance to secure the championship.

International Prospects

If Miyata manages to beat Lawson and win the Super Formula title, it could potentially improve his international prospects as a racing driver. Such a significant achievement in a prestigious championship will undoubtedly draw attention from teams and sponsors outside of Japan.

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