Team Penske’s Newgarden on Porsche’s Complexity

Team Penske’s two-time IndyCar champion, Josef Newgarden, recently made his debut in the top-class IMSA race at Petit Le Mans. He partnered with Matt Campbell and Felipe Nasr in the factory Porsche entry, which finished in an impressive fourth place.

A New Challenge

When asked about his experience driving the Porsche 963 compared to an IndyCar, Newgarden admitted that it was a completely different challenge. He highlighted the mechanical nature of the IndyCar, where there are not many complex systems involved. In contrast, the Porsche demands a bit more respect and attention due to its intricate mechanics.

The Mechanical Complexity

Newgarden explained that the Porsche 963 required a deeper understanding of its various intricate systems and components. Compared to the simplicity of the IndyCar, the Porsche demanded a more holistic approach in its handling and performance. With the need for a higher level of respect and attention, learning the ins and outs of the Porsche became a crucial part of Newgarden’s transition.

A Versatile Driver

Newgarden’s versatility as a driver shines through as he takes on new challenges outside of his usual IndyCar racing. While he is accustomed to the speed and precision of open-wheel racing, his adaptability in the IMSA race showcased his ability to navigate a different type of vehicle successfully.

Finding Success

Despite the initial adjustments required, Newgarden and his teammates managed to secure an impressive fourth-place finish in the Porsche 963 at Petit Le Mans. Their performance demonstrated the team’s ability to quickly adapt and find success in a new racing environment.

Looking Towards the Future

As Newgarden continues to explore different racing opportunities, it remains to be seen how his experience in the Porsche 963 will shape his career. The challenges faced and lessons learned in IMSA will undoubtedly contribute to his growth as a driver, enhancing his skills and broadening his horizons in the world of motorsport.

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