The Competitive Field in Formula One

The impressive dominance delivered by Max Verstappen this season has masked what is actually a very competitive field in Formula One. Heading into this weekend’s season-ending event, Verstappen has won all but three of the 21 main races and collected more than double the points of his closest rival and team-mate, Sergio Perez.

An Unprecedented Dominance

In fact, Verstappen has been so dominant that he is the odds-on favorite to secure the 2021 Formula One World Championship. With his exceptional driving skills, he has consistently outperformed his competitors on the track, leaving spectators in awe with each victory.

The Close Competitors

However, it’s important to acknowledge the resilience and talent displayed by other drivers in the field. The Formula One grid is composed of highly skilled individuals who have pushed their limits to challenge Verstappen’s supremacy. While they may not have consistently secured top podium finishes, their determination, perseverance, and competitive spirit should not be overlooked.

The Proficient Sergio Perez

One notable example is Verstappen’s own teammate, Sergio Perez. Although he has not matched Verstappen’s success this season, Perez has showcased his proficiency as a Formula One driver. His performances have contributed significantly to Red Bull Racing’s constructor championship success.

Hidden Gems of the Season

Additionally, there are several other drivers who have displayed exceptional skills and potential throughout the season. Names like Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc, and Lando Norris have had their moments of brilliance, showcasing their talent and ability to challenge the top spot on the podium.

The Battle for Midfield

Further down the grid, the competition remains fierce. Teams like McLaren, Ferrari, and AlphaTauri have consistently fought for valuable points and made significant strides in their performance. Their relentless efforts have made the midfield battles highly entertaining and unpredictable.

A Formula One Without Verstappen?

Although Verstappen’s dominance has been a standout feature of this season, it is intriguing to consider what the championship standings would look like without his extraordinary performances. The competitive field would likely see a more closely contested race for the top spots, with several drivers vying for the coveted championship title.


In conclusion, while Max Verstappen’s exceptional dominance has captured the headlines this season, it is important to recognize the strength and competitiveness of the entire Formula One field. Each driver brings their unique skills and determination to the track, making each race a thrilling spectacle for fans all around the world.

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