The Growing WEC Manufacturer Involvement

The Growing Manufacturer Involvement in the WEC Hypercar Class

The World Endurance Championship (WEC) is experiencing a never-before-seen level of manufacturer participation in its top Hypercar class. With five major manufacturers already competing in the 2023 season, the category is set to welcome three more in the coming year. This surge in engagement from automotive giants highlights the growing popularity and significance of the WEC.

As the competition intensifies, independent teams like Glickenhaus and Vanwall have found it increasingly challenging to remain competitive against their better-funded rivals. The financial disparity between the manufacturers and privateers has been evident, resulting in the former’s consistent dominance on the track.

Glickenhaus, one of the prominent independent teams, managed to secure a fifth-place finish at the recent race. However, it was a tough battle, highlighting the struggles faced by privateer outfits in an era of heightened manufacturer involvement.

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