Toyota GR010 Hybrid Claims Dominant Victory

Toyota GR010 Hybrid Claims Title with Dominant Victory

Hartley, Buemi, and Hirakawa showcased their impeccable skill in the thrilling eight-hour bonus points title-decider held at The crew of the #8 Toyota GR010 Hybrid demonstrated their prowess by leading every race outside of pitstop cycles, successfully defending their 2022 crown.

The outcome of the contest was effectively determined right from the start. Earl Bamber of Cadillac, who started from third, unfortunately locked up going into Turn 1, causing his car to turn around and impacting the #7 contender. This incident allowed Hartley, Buemi, and Hirakawa to maintain an unchallenged lead throughout the race.

Their performance left fans awe-struck as they skillfully maneuvered their way through each lap. The synergy between the drivers and their Toyota GR010 Hybrid was evident, enabling them to tackle every turn and straight with precision.

Teamwork played a vital role in their success as well. The crew executed seamless pitstops, ensuring minimal time loss and strategic tire changes. Their coordination and efficiency in the pit lane further solidified their position at the forefront of the race.

With the victory, Toyota GR010 Hybrid reigned supreme, securing the highly coveted title. Their dominance on the track exemplified the culmination of hard work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Congratulations to Hartley, Buemi, Hirakawa, and the entire team behind their remarkable achievement!

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