Toyota Juniors Graduated to Rally2

The reigning world champion squad chose three young Japanese rally talents namely; Hikaru Kogure (20), Nao Otake (21) and Yuki Yamamoto (24) to join its driver development programme last year, that aims to promote a young Japanese driver to its WRC team in the future.After an extensive two-year training programme led by 15-time WRC rally winner Mikko Hirvonen, which has seen the trio compete in various national and international rallies, Toyota Gazoo Racing has announced that its Junior Team has graduated to Rally2 for the 2024 season.

Rising Japanese Rally Talents

Toyota Gazoo Racing, the reigning world champion squad in the WRC, has been nurturing Japanese rally talents as part of its driver development programme. The team handpicked three promising young drivers last year, namely Hikaru Kogure (20), Nao Otake (21), and Yuki Yamamoto (24), with the goal of eventually promoting one of them to its WRC team.

Extensive Training Programme

The selected trio underwent an extensive two-year training program under the guidance of Mikko Hirvonen, a 15-time WRC rally winner. This rigorous program included participation in numerous national and international rallies, where Kogure, Otake, and Yamamoto honed their skills and gained valuable racing experience.

Graduating to Rally2 for 2024 Season

Toyota Gazoo Racing is thrilled to announce that its Junior Team has successfully graduated to Rally2 for the upcoming 2024 season. This significant milestone marks a major step forward for the talented young Japanese drivers on their path to potentially joining the WRC team.

Through their dedication, hard work, and impressive performance in previous rallies, Kogure, Otake, and Yamamoto have proven their potential and are now ready to compete at an even higher level. Rally2, which is known for its highly competitive racing, will provide them with a new set of challenges and opportunities to further develop their skills.

The team is excited about the journey ahead and has high hopes for these rising stars. They believe that the experience gained from Rally2 racing will be crucial in preparing them for the demanding world of WRC.

Toyota Gazoo Racing remains committed to supporting young talent and aims to provide a platform for aspiring Japanese drivers to showcase their abilities on a global stage. With their unwavering dedication and the team’s guidance, these drivers have a promising future in the world of rally racing.

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