Toyota’s GR Yaris Rally2 Takes on the Customer Rally Car Market

The Japanese automaker, Toyota, has been working on developing a Rally2 version of its GR Yaris since last year, with the aim of entering the customer rally car market. The GR Yaris Rally2 made its first public appearance at Rally Japan in 2020 and has undergone extensive development since then.

A rigorous development program has been conducted to prepare for FIA homologation, which is likely to commence this month. Once homologated, the GR Yaris Rally2 will see Toyota joining its rivals in the World Rally Championship (WRC).

Toyota’s entry into the customer rally car market marks an exciting milestone for the brand, as it aims to provide enthusiasts with a high-performance and competitive rally car. The GR Yaris Rally2 is built upon the foundation of the road-going GR Yaris, which has received significant acclaim for its exceptional performance and handling.

The rally-specific modifications to the GR Yaris Rally2 include enhanced engine performance, upgraded suspension components, and aerodynamic enhancements for improved stability and downforce. These modifications have been extensively tested and refined to ensure optimal performance on a variety of rally terrains.

The FIA homologation process is a crucial step in ensuring that the GR Yaris Rally2 meets the required safety and performance standards set by the governing body. Upon completion of the homologation process, Toyota will be able to offer the GR Yaris Rally2 as a fully approved and competitive rally car.

The GR Yaris Rally2 is expected to attract both professional rally teams and privateers due to its competitive specifications and potential for success on the rally stage. Toyota’s entry into the customer rally car market provides enthusiasts with an opportunity to experience the thrill of rallying in a high-performance and reliable machine.

With the homologation process potentially commencing this month, Toyota is optimistic about the future of the GR Yaris Rally2. The brand aims to make its debut in the World Rally Championship with the GR Yaris Rally2, possibly at Monte Carlo in 2024. This ambitious goal highlights Toyota’s commitment to push the boundaries of performance and innovation in motorsport.

As development continues, Toyota will refine and improve the GR Yaris Rally2 to ensure it meets the demands of professional drivers and offers an exhilarating rally experience to customers. The GR Yaris Rally2 is set to make a significant impact in the customer rally car market and contribute to the excitement and competitiveness of the World Rally Championship.

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