Two Drivers Test Lamborghini SC63 LMDh Car at Jerez Circuit

Two Drivers Test Lamborghini’s SC63 LMDh Car at Jerez Circuit

Lamborghini recently organized a test session at the Jerez circuit in Spain, where both Edoardo Mortara and Alessandro Cairoli had the opportunity to drive the under-development SC63 LMDh car for the first time. While no contract has been signed with either driver, Lamborghini is considering them for the remaining seats in its driver line-up for the World Endurance Championship and the endurance leg of the racing series.

Mortara, a seasoned professional in the motorsport world, demonstrated his skills behind the wheel of the SC63 LMDh car during the recent test session. Known for his impressive performances in various racing competitions, Mortara’s experience and expertise make him a strong contender to join Lamborghini’s driver line-up.

Cairoli, on the other hand, also made his debut in the SC63 LMDh car at the Jerez circuit. Although he is relatively new to the world of endurance racing, Cairoli has shown immense talent and potential, making him an attractive candidate for Lamborghini’s team.

Lamborghini’s decision to test Mortara and Cairoli at Jerez demonstrates the brand’s commitment to selecting the most skilled and talented drivers for its upcoming racing endeavors. The SC63 LMDh car, which is still under development, promises to deliver outstanding performance and speed on the track.

The World Endurance Championship and the endurance leg of the racing series provide a platform for teams and drivers to showcase their abilities and compete against top competitors from around the world. For Lamborghini, securing a strong driver line-up is crucial to maximize its chances of success in these highly competitive events.

Although no official announcements have been made regarding the final driver line-up, Mortara and Cairoli’s successful test runs indicate that they are serious contenders for the seats in Lamborghini’s team. Their inclusion would undoubtedly strengthen the team’s chances and add excitement to the upcoming racing season.

As fans eagerly await the official announcement of Lamborghini’s driver line-up, all eyes will be on Mortara and Cairoli, hoping to see them officially join the prestigious team. With their exceptional skills and the promising performance of the SC63 LMDh car, Lamborghini’s racing endeavors are set to captivate motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.

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