Unfortunate Punctures at Interlagos

Unfortunate Punctures for Hamilton and Alonso in FP1 at Interlagos

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso had an unlucky start to their Formula 1 practice session at Interlagos, as both drivers sustained left-rear punctures during FP1.

With a sprint race weekend format in play, time becomes of the essence. With only one hour-long practice session before parc ferme and qualifying, any time lost can have a significant impact on the drivers’ performance.

Upon observation, it was noted that mud had dried in the grooves cut into the track surface. These grooves are specifically designed to carry rainwater off the track, enhancing safety and performance. However, the presence of dried mud may have played a role in the unfortunate punctures experienced by Hamilton and Alonso.

In light of these incidents, the FIA has been asked to clean the Brazilian Grand Prix circuit thoroughly to ensure the avoidance of similar issues in the future. The aim is to maintain a safe and fair racing environment for all drivers.

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