Verstappen slams Las Vegas Grand Prix

Verstappen Criticizes Las Vegas Grand Prix

Max Verstappen, the three-time F1 champion, has recently expressed his criticism towards the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend. According to Verstappen, the event is primarily focused on entertainment rather than being a true sporting competition. He went as far as stating that the Grand Prix is “99% show” and only “1% a sporting event”.

Verstappen further compared the Las Vegas circuit to the historic street track in Monaco. He argued that the two cannot be equated since Monaco holds a prestigious status in Formula 1 racing, while Las Vegas falls short. To make his point clearer, Verstappen compared it to comparing the “Champions League” in football with the “National League”.

The Red Bull driver’s remarks have sparked debate among fans and fellow drivers. While some share his sentiments, others believe that the Las Vegas Grand Prix brings a unique atmosphere to the sport and should not be dismissed.

However, Verstappen firmly established his position, emphasizing that new Formula 1 races should not be treated as a mere substitute for partying in popular vacation spots like Ibiza.

It remains to be seen how Verstappen’s comments will influence discussions surrounding future Formula 1 races, as well as the perception of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Only time will tell if his outspoken nature will result in any changes within the sport.

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