WRC Evaluating Event Format Structure

The World Rally Championship (WRC) is currently reevaluating its event format structure for the future due to criticisms from drivers, teams, and fans. In response, a package of format tweaks for next year is set to be proposed and discussed at the next FIA World Motor Sport Council on December 6, following a previous discussion held in October.

Acropolis Rally Highlights the Need for Change

During the Acropolis Rally this year, the WRC Promoter faced significant scrutiny for the existing format. The event highlighted the need to address concerns raised by various stakeholders within the sport. As a result, the WRC is now determined to make necessary adjustments to improve overall satisfaction and ensure a more engaging experience for participants and spectators alike.

Possible Changes on the Horizon

While specific details of the proposed format tweaks have not been revealed yet, insiders suggest that there could be an increase in tyre fitting zones for the 2024 WRC season. This aims to enhance strategic decision-making for teams and inject more excitement into the races.

Collaborative Decision-Making Process

The WRC understands the importance of considering feedback from all parties involved. By involving drivers, teams, and fans in the decision-making process, the aim is to create a format that embraces innovation while staying true to the essence of rally racing. The upcoming FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting is expected to provide a platform for open discussions and constructive exchanges of ideas.

Addressing Criticisms to Secure a Thriving Future

Criticism is essential for growth, and the WRC acknowledges the need to address the concerns raised. By actively working towards refining its event format structure, the WRC aims to strengthen its position as a premier motorsport competition. The proposed changes for next year’s season demonstrate the willingness of the WRC to adapt and evolve, ensuring the continued enjoyment and support of fans around the world.

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