WTRAndretti’s Expansion in IMSA

WTRAndretti Expands Commitments in IMSA Racing

As WTRAndretti continues to grow its presence in the GTP class of IMSA racing, exciting developments are underway for the team. Not only is it set to run a second Acura ARX-06 for drivers Louis Deletraz and Jordan Taylor alongside Filipe Albuquerque and Ricky Taylor, but it is also expanding its involvement in the pro-am GTD class.

Partnering with Racers Edge Motorsports, WTRAndretti showcased its potential by running an Acura NSX GT3 Evo22 at the prestigious 2022 Sebring 12 Hours. The successful venture has motivated the team to make the expansion into a full-time entrant.

Commitment to Excellence

The decision to add another class to their racing portfolio underscores WTRAndretti’s commitment to excellence across multiple categories. By demonstrating their capabilities in both GTP and GTD, the team is solidifying its position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of IMSA racing.

Introducing the Lamborghini Partnership

In an exciting development, WTRAndretti has revealed its latest partnership with Lamborghini. This collaboration will see the team fielding a Lamborghini in the GTD class for the upcoming season.

With the powerful performance and sleek design of Lamborghini vehicles, WTRAndretti is confident in making a mark on the GTD class. The combination of Lamborghini’s engineering expertise and the team’s racing prowess is poised to deliver thrilling results.

Star-Studded Driver Lineup

Joining the new GTD effort, alongside WTRAndretti’s existing drivers, are notable talents Louis Deletraz and Jordan Taylor. With their skill and experience, the team is well-positioned to compete at the highest level.

Filipe Albuquerque and Ricky Taylor, who have proven themselves in the GTP class, will also be part of the expanded lineup. Their contributions and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the success of WTRAndretti’s endeavors in both classes.

Looking Ahead

With the addition of the GTD class and the exciting Lamborghini partnership, WTRAndretti is geared up for a thrilling season ahead. Fans can expect high-speed action and fierce competition as the team showcases its capabilities in multiple disciplines.

As the racing community eagerly awaits the start of the new season, WTRAndretti’s expansion serves as a testament to their ambition and dedication. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development.

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