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Jiangsu Wantrack International Circuit History

Welcome to the heart of motorsports excitement in China, the Jiangsu Wantrack International Circuit. Located in the vibrant city of Yancheng, this world-class racing facility has been captivating the racing community since its inauguration in 2017. From its challenging 3.3-kilometer (2-mile) track to its cutting-edge amenities, this circuit promises a memorable experience for all.

A Track Designed for Challenge and Thrills

At the Jiangsu Wantrack International Circuit, drivers face a formidable challenge. This 16-turn circuit is a technical masterpiece, combining high-speed corners, tight hairpins, and sweeping bends. The blend of elements tests the skills and precision of both local and international racers. Safety is paramount, with ample run-off areas and safety barriers ensuring the well-being of all participants.

Unleash the Nighttime Excitement

One of the unique features of this circuit is its state-of-the-art lighting system. It allows for thrilling night races, creating a one-of-a-kind spectacle for both drivers and spectators. The floodlit track sets the stage for intense competitions, creating an adrenaline-pumping atmosphere that you won't want to miss.

Host to National and International Events

The Jiangsu Wantrack International Circuit has become a hub for racing events in China. It has hosted prestigious competitions such as the China Touring Car Championship, the TCR China Touring Car Championship, and the China Endurance Championship. These events attract top drivers, and the fierce rivalries make for captivating races.

  • China Touring Car Championship: This national championship showcases a variety of touring cars, drawing elite drivers from across China. The championship's multiple classes offer a thrilling and highly competitive racing experience.

  • TCR China Touring Car Championship: Featuring various touring car classes, including TCR cars, this championship delivers close and exciting racing that demands skill and precision.

  • China Endurance Championship: With classes like GT3 and TCR cars, this championship tests drivers' endurance and skills in long-distance races, delivering a unique and thrilling experience for spectators.

An Economic and Cultural Force

Beyond its role as a racing haven, the Jiangsu Wantrack International Circuit plays a vital part in Yancheng's cultural and tourism industry. It has become a significant contributor to the city's economic growth by attracting thousands of spectators and generating revenue for local businesses.

For visitors planning to immerse themselves in the action at the Jiangsu Wantrack International Circuit, there are several excellent accommodation options in close proximity to the venue. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Jiangsu Wantrack Hotel: Stay within walking distance of the circuit and enjoy comfortable rooms and convenient access to the racing action.

  • Yancheng City Center Hotels: If you prefer a wider range of amenities and dining options, you can choose from the various hotels in Yancheng's city center, which is just a short drive away from the circuit.

  • Yancheng Luxury Resorts: For a more luxurious stay, explore the upscale resorts scattered throughout Yancheng, where you can unwind in style after an exhilarating day at the track.

The Jiangsu Wantrack International Circuit is not only an emerging racing destination in China but also a cultural phenomenon and an economic powerhouse for the region. It promotes the growth and development of motorsports in China, serving as a platform for both emerging talents and seasoned professionals to showcase their skills on the national and international stage.

Don't miss the chance to experience this incredible venue. Whether you're a driver, a rider, or a passionate spectator, the Jiangsu Wantrack International Circuit offers a unique and thrilling racing destination that will leave you hungry for more. Come join the excitement and be part of the motorsports legacy in China!