Zhuhai International Circuit Info

Address: Xiangzhou, Zhuhai, China
Email: zic@zic.com.cn
Phone Number: +86 756 3383228

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Zhuhai International Circuit History

Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) is a racing gem nestled in the heart of Jin Ding town in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China. Designed by the renowned German architect Hermann Tilke, this world-class racing track has been at the forefront of high-profile motorsports events in Asia for decades. Let's dive into the thrilling world of Zhuhai International Circuit and explore its rich history, unique features, and the best places to stay nearby.

A Racing Legacy

Since its inauguration in 1996, Zhuhai International Circuit has been a hotbed for motorsports in China, attracting racing enthusiasts from around the globe. The track was established with the aim of offering an outstanding venue for motorsports, and it has certainly lived up to that promise.

The circuit's remarkable journey began with the BPR Global GT Series, where the McLaren F1 GTR, driven by Ray Bellm and James Weaver, clinched victory. From there, it has played host to prestigious events like the FIA GT Championship, the A1 Grand Prix, and the China GT Championship.

Unleash the Speed

Zhuhai International Circuit boasts a track that spans 4.319 kilometers (2.68 miles) and stretches to a width of 12 meters (39 feet). This dynamic layout presents a thrilling blend of fast straights and challenging corners, putting drivers' skills to the test. The track's elevation changes, with uphill and downhill sections, add an extra layer of excitement, making every race a true spectacle.

One of the circuit's standout features is the long back straight, offering drivers an opportunity to overtake their competitors with skill and precision. Racers adore the fast and flowing nature of the track, relishing the challenge of pushing themselves and their cars to the limit.

Home to the China GT Championship

The Zhuhai Circuit is renowned as the annual host of the China GT Championship, a beloved motorsports series in China. The circuit's unique setting within the city of Zhuhai, coupled with its demanding layout, guarantees a memorable and thrilling experience for both fans and drivers.

Accommodation Options

For those planning a visit to the Zhuhai International Circuit, there are several excellent hotel options nearby. Here are some recommendations:

1. Zhuhai Marriott Hotel

  • Distance from Circuit: Approximately 5 kilometers
  • Description: This upscale hotel offers a luxurious stay with comfortable rooms, excellent dining options, and easy access to the circuit.

2. Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel

  • Distance from Circuit: About 8 kilometers
  • Description: Enjoy a fantastic stay at this modern hotel, complete with stylish accommodations, dining, and nearby transportation options.

3. Zhuhai International Circuit Hotel

  • Distance from Circuit: Right on-site
  • Description: If you prefer to be right where the action is, consider staying at the circuit's own hotel for unparalleled convenience.

The Future of Zhuhai International Circuit

Zhuhai International Circuit continues to evolve, with exciting developments on the horizon. The management is dedicated to enhancing safety standards and providing the best possible experience for both fans and drivers. The addition of new facilities promises to make the circuit even more accessible and fan-friendly.

As the premier motorsports venue in Zhuhai, China, the circuit's rich history, exceptional facilities, and commitment to excellence ensure that it remains a favorite among motorsports enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a passionate fan, Zhuhai International Circuit offers an unforgettable experience in the world of motorsports.