Symmons Plains Raceway Info

Address: 14872 Midland Hwy, Perth TAS 7300, Australia
Phone Number: (+61) 447 315 114

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Symmons Plains Raceway History

Located in the heart of Tasmania, Symmons Plains Raceway is a premier racing destination that has captured the hearts of motorsports enthusiasts and drivers worldwide. With its unique layout, challenging features, and breathtaking natural setting, Symmons Plains Raceway has played host to a multitude of prestigious motorsports events, including the Australian Touring Car Championship and the V8 Supercars. But that's not all; let's dive deeper into what makes this circuit so special.

A Historical Journey

Symmons Plains Raceway has a rich history that dates back to the 1960s when it was established as a collaborative venture between the Symmons family and a group of passionate local motorsports enthusiasts. Built on the grounds of a former sheep farm, the circuit initially featured a circuit racing track, a drag racing strip, and various facilities catering to both drivers and fans.

Over the years, the circuit underwent significant transformations, with the addition of new sections and features that evolved it into the thrilling venue we know today. Notably, in the 1980s, a state-of-the-art pit and paddock complex was added, elevating the facilities available to drivers and teams.

The Unique Circuit Layout

Symmons Plains Raceway stands out for its distinctive layout, offering drivers and fans an exhilarating experience. Spanning over 2.41 kilometers, the circuit boasts fast straights, tight corners, and a range of elevation changes that keep drivers on their toes. What sets it apart is its natural terrain setting, which provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape, enhancing the racing experience. Notable sections include the high-speed Turn 1, the technical and narrow Turn 4, and the fast and sweeping Turn 7.

Impact on Australian Motorsports

This circuit has had a profound impact on the Australian motorsports scene. By bringing world-class racing to Tasmania, Symmons Plains Raceway has catapulted local drivers and teams onto the international stage. It has become a hub for motorsports enthusiasts, attracting thousands of fans to its events throughout the year.

Moreover, Symmons Plains Raceway has played a pivotal role in the development of motorsports in Australia. It serves as a platform for local talents to showcase their skills and compete at an international level. Over the years, it has hosted a variety of prestigious motorsports events, including the Australian Touring Car Championship, the V8 Supercars, and the Targa Tasmania rally.

Exciting Events Throughout the Year

Symmons Plains Raceway hosts an array of motorsports events catering to diverse tastes and preferences. The highlight is undoubtedly the Tasmania SuperSprint, which occurs in April and is a key event in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.

The Tasmania SuperSprint lures some of the finest drivers and teams from across Australia and beyond. Its challenging and unpredictable nature, amplified by the circuit's fast straights and tight corners, pushes drivers to their limits.

But that's not all! The circuit also hosts the Targa Tasmania rally in April, offering a stage for some of the nation's best rally drivers to conquer Tasmania's roads. Throughout the year, various club events provide local motorsports enthusiasts with opportunities to compete and relish the thrill of racing at Symmons Plains Raceway.

Stay Close to the Action

For those eager to immerse themselves in the motorsports excitement, Symmons Plains Raceway offers convenient accommodation options in close proximity to the circuit. Whether you're a motorsports fan or a driver, staying near the raceway enhances your experience and allows you to make the most of the thrilling events.