Daniil Kvyat’s Super Formula Journey

About Daniil Kvyat’s Super Formula Program

Last month, it was reported that Daniil Kvyat, the former Red Bull and AlphaTauri driver, was exploring the opportunity to join the Super Formula championship alongside his commitments with Lamborghini in the World Endurance Championship. While talks have been held with teams, Kvyat is currently awaiting confirmation regarding his participation in the upcoming three-day post-season test at Suzuka from 6-8 December.

Super Formula, a premier single-seater racing series in Japan, has gained significant attention worldwide. With its high-performance cars and fiercely competitive field, it has become an attractive prospect for drivers looking to challenge themselves and expand their motorsport careers.

The Appeal of Super Formula

Super Formula offers a unique blend of technical expertise, intense racing action, and a strong fanbase. The series features top-tier talent, including former Formula 1 drivers, showcasing their skills on iconic tracks like Suzuka, Motegi, and Fuji Speedway.

For Daniil Kvyat, this opportunity presents a chance to further prove his capabilities behind the wheel. Having gained valuable experience in Formula 1 and other racing categories, Kvyat is eager to explore new avenues to keep pushing his limits and demonstrate his potential.

Awaiting Confirmation

Despite holding discussions with several teams in the Super Formula paddock, Kvyat’s participation in the post-season test remains uncertain. The test, scheduled for December 6-8 at Suzuka, would allow him to get a feel for the series and assess the level of competition.

Kvyat’s presence in Super Formula would undoubtedly add excitement and raise interest among fans worldwide. However, for now, the talented driver must patiently wait for confirmation while keeping his focus on his existing commitments in the World Endurance Championship.


Daniil Kvyat’s interest in joining the Super Formula championship as part of his motorsport journey demonstrates his relentless pursuit of success. Should he secure a place in the post-season test at Suzuka, it will mark an intriguing chapter in his career, offering new challenges and opportunities to showcase his skills on the demanding Japanese tracks.

As fans eagerly await updates, we can only hope that Kvyat’s ambition to participate in Super Formula comes to fruition, adding another dynamic element to an already captivating series.

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