Driver Müller’s Bahrain Comeback

Driver Muller set to Make Peugeot Return in Bahrain

The 31-year-old driver, Müller, is all set to make his comeback in the upcoming eight-hour fixture at the Bahrain International Circuit. He will be taking up his usual place in Peugeot’s #94 9X8 lineup, alongside Gustavo Menezes and Loic Duval.

Müller had to miss the September Fuji event due to an injury suffered to his left collarbone. However, after receiving medical advice and recovering from the injury, he is now ready to get back behind the wheel.

The exact nature and cause of Müller’s injury were never disclosed. However, the Swiss driver briefly mentioned that he had received professional advice and followed a rehabilitation plan to fully recover.

The forthcoming race in Bahrain marks an important moment for Müller, as he returns to compete with his team and fellow drivers. He expresses his enthusiasm and determination to give his best performance in the race.

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