F1 Academy Supports 7 F1 Grands Prix in 2024

F1 Academy to Support Seven F1 Grands Prix in 2024

The F1 Academy, which started this season, has faced criticism for its lack of exposure. Instead of live broadcasts, the races have only been condensed into highlight clips. Despite this, the series has visited top-flight venues such as the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Barcelona, Zandvoort, and Monza. However, up until this weekend, the F1 Academy has not supported an actual F1 round.

That is all set to change, as the F1 Academy will now feature at the upcoming United States Grand Prix. This marks a significant milestone for the academy, as it will be the first time that it supports a Formula 1 event.

The decision to include the F1 Academy in the race weekend is an exciting development for aspiring young drivers who are part of the program. It presents them with the opportunity to showcase their skills on a grand stage, alongside Formula 1 stars.

The F1 Academy aims to provide young drivers with a platform to gain valuable experience and exposure in the world of motorsport. By featuring at F1 race weekends, it allows these promising talents to prove their worth and potentially catch the eye of teams and scouts within the sport.

The addition of the F1 Academy to the race calendar also adds an extra layer of excitement for fans. They will now have the chance to witness the future generation of racing talents in action, side by side with the current stars.

Looking forward, there are plans for the F1 Academy to support a total of seven Formula 1 Grands Prix in 2024. This expanded involvement indicates the growing significance and recognition of the academy within the Formula 1 community.

While the previous lack of exposure may have been a point of contention, the inclusion of the F1 Academy in actual race weekends showcases a commitment to nurturing young talent and providing them with the necessary platform to succeed in the sport.

As the 2024 season approaches, fans and aspiring drivers alike can eagerly anticipate the impact that the F1 Academy will have on Formula 1’s future.

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