Formula One Schedule Adjusted for Las Vegas Grand Prix

The Formula One event in Las Vegas made history with a later timetable compared to previous races. The organizers decided to shift local road closures to later in the day and accommodate TV viewers in Europe.

Delayed Sessions

The FP2 and qualifying sessions were originally scheduled to run from midnight to 1am on Friday and Saturday mornings respectively. However, due to remedial work on water valve covers, the qualifying session extended until 4am on Saturday morning.

Race Under the Lights

The Las Vegas Grand Prix took place on Saturday evening under the gleaming lights. The delayed schedule allowed fans and spectators to enjoy the race during nighttime, adding an element of excitement and glamour to the event.

TV Viewership Appeal

By accommodating TV viewers in Europe, the organizers aimed to increase the global viewership of the race. With the adjusted timetable, Formula One fans in different time zones could tune in and follow the action live.

Implications for Future Races

The decision to adjust the schedule for the Las Vegas Grand Prix may pave the way for similar changes in future races. Organizers and team bosses will evaluate the impact of this adjusted timetable on viewership and overall racing experience to determine whether it should be implemented in upcoming events.

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