The Slippery Circuit Drama

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc had a dramatic incident during the race at an extremely slippery circuit. Verstappen went deep into Turn 1, causing Leclerc to go off track with him. Surprisingly, instead of giving the position back to Leclerc, Red Bull decided to take a five-second penalty.

The Incident

The incident occurred when Verstappen entered Turn 1 and went off track, forcing Leclerc to follow him. As a result, Verstappen emerged from the corner ahead of the Ferrari driver.

The Penalty Decision

The FIA stewards swiftly investigated the incident and had the option to ask Verstappen to give back the lead to Leclerc. However, Red Bull opted to accept a five-second penalty instead. This meant that Verstappen was able to continue without the need to return the position to his rival.

Red Bull’s Strategy

By accepting the penalty, Red Bull had a different strategy in mind. They believed that Verstappen could build enough of a gap between himself and Leclerc to offset the time penalty during the remainder of the race.

The Race Outcome

Verstappen capitalized on the free air and used it to his advantage. Despite the penalty, he managed to extend his lead over Leclerc and maintained his position until the end. This strategic move paid off for Red Bull and Verstappen, securing a victory at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Overall, the incident between Verstappen and Leclerc created a lot of buzz in the racing community. The decision by Red Bull to accept the penalty and pursue an alternative strategy proved successful, giving Verstappen an edge over his competitor and ultimately leading him to victory.

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